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  • Dr. Shelly Harrell

Weekend Wisdom: On Changes and Being Changed

All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. -Octavia Butler

This is a really profound and humbling truth. It is ultimately about our interconnected evolution. The big ways that we impact each other and the world around us are obvious. However, we often miss the more subtle changes that occur with each encounter. Each interaction creates shifts in our mind-body-heart-soul. Mindful presence helps us move out of autopilot and tune more closely into what we are experiencing. We can pause and notice what is going on in ourselves and increase attunement to our impact on others. It is about being in contact with the moment-to-moment changes and subtle shifts that are occurring. From a tension in our shoulders, to feeling uplifted, to a sense of calm contentment, to a shaky agitation. Each provides "data" on changes that are happening. It is from this place of awareness in the present moment that we can be more intentional about our choices, our words, our actions in the next moment. I invite you to take a pause right now. What do you notice about what is going on in your own mind, body, heart, and soul? How has that emerged from previous moments and how can it inform what you do next in the next precious moment of your life?

With Peace, Love, and Soulfulness,

Dr. Shelly Harrell


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