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Bring Dr. Shelly Harrell to your organization or group for a special training, workshop, retreat, or consultation experience. With a foundation in her soulfulness approach, services integrate themes of wellness, resilience, contemplative practices, relationships, anti-racism, culture, and wisdom. Her focus is on wellness, healing, and liberation for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.



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Dr. Shelly Harrell is known for bringing wisdom, passion, and care to her work. With over 30 years of experience helping, healing, mentoring, motivating, teaching, and training, she listens deeply and brings her brilliant mind, compassionate heart, and soulful energy to all that she does.


Her sweet spot for consultation and training is the intersection of contemplative practices, social justice, and the optimal well-being of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Here are some of her areas of focus for training and consultation:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness for BIPOC Wellness and Resilience

  • Body-Mind-Heart-Soul Liberation from Racial Stress and Trauma

  • Black Wisdom and Black Wellness

  • Resilience-Oriented Stress Management

  • Cultural and Collective Wisdom for Healing and Transformation

  • Relational Healing (Intragroup, Interpersonal, and Intergroup)

  • Culturally-Responsive Mental Health and Psychological Services


services OFFERed

  • Programs, workshops, and retreats. Dr. Harrell develops and facilitates customized soulfulness-based experiences.

  • Private classes or meditation sessions. Gather a group of friends and family, or invite Dr. Harrell to work with your community group, activist group, work group, athletic team, performing group, or other group. A curriculum can be crafted for your group's needs. Private individual meditation sessions can be arranged.

  • Consultation and coaching for health, wellness, and healing professionals.  Working with "helpers and healers" is a special area of focus.  Dr. Harrell shares her wisdom and provides support to therapists, counselors, wellness coaches and trainers, spiritual healers, pastors, teachers, physicians, nurses, and many others. Delivery of culturally-responsive mental health services is a core emphasis. 

  • Consultation to groups and organizations. Dr. Harrell can advise and consult on issues such as wellness and mental health, racism-related stress and trauma, resilience, culture and well-being, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and intergroup relations.



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