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We offer FREE community meditations, as well as meditation events designed for restoration, refuge, and recentering.

JOIN US for First Mondays Monthly Community Meditations

Monthly at 7:00 am US Pacific Time

NEXT: August 12th, 2024 (PLEASE NOTE: Meditation rescheduled to 2nd Monday for August 2024 only)

THEME: Adinkra Meditation Series 

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Fill in the form below and we will send you the Zoom link for our FREE First Mondays monthly meditions, and keep you updated on additional opportunities to meditate with us. 

ABOUT OUR First Mondays Meditations

Inspired by requests from our community, we are now offering a FREE monthly Community Meditation facilitated by Dr. Shelly Harrell on the first Monday of the month.

Start each new month with a soulfulness-oriented meditation to ground, inspire, and bring you home. Reconnect to your soulful center, set intention, and open space to hear your soul's voice, wisdom, and calling. We will have a monthly theme and begin with 10 minutes of opening music. 



  • This is a primarily audio meditation so come as you are, from wherever you are. No need or pressure to have your camera on. 

  • "Doors open" at 7:00am PT with centering meditation music. During this time you can take a moment to get comfortable, settle your body, calm your mind, and prepare yourself for our practice.

  • Meditation starts at 7:10am PT. Dr. Shelly Harrell will lead the 20-minute guided practice.

  • Zoom information will be sent to you after you have signed up below (or by email automatically if you already subscribe to The Soulfulness Center mailing list).

join us!

Fill in the form below and we will send you the Zoom link for our FREE First Mondays monthly meditions, and keep you updated on additional opportunities to meditate with us. 


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RECENT First Mondays Meditation THEMES

June 2024 Theme: "Reclamation/Sankofa" (Adinkra Series)

May 2024 Theme: "The Cosmos" (Elements Series)

April 2024 Theme: "Earth" (Elements Series)

March 2024 Theme: "Fire" (Elements Series)

February 2024 Theme: "Water" (Elements Series)

January 2024 Theme: "Air/Wind" (Elements Series)

December 2023 Theme: "Soulful Joy"

November 2023 Theme: "Abundance"

October 2023 Theme: "Heart Healing"

September 2023 Theme: "Empowered Surrender"

August 2023 Theme: "Peace"

July 2023 Theme: "Freedom"

June 2023 Theme: "Change"

May 2023 Theme: "Mother Love"

April 2023 Theme: "Spring Cleaning" ​​


Our 3-week Sankofa meditation series was our 2023 Black History Month offering. 

Sankofa is an Akan adinkra symbol of retrieval, reclamation, and revival. It is part of a beautiful cultural wisdom tradition of symbols and proverbs that convey wisdom related to daily life, spirituality, values, personal characteristics, community, and relationships. Sankofa is associated with the proverb “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.” Sankofa encourages us to "come home" and reconnect to what we may have become lost from or forgotten (ourselves, others, community, culture, history, nature, God/Spirit). Meditation can help by creating and opening space to retrieve what we need so that we can move forward, supported and uplifted by what we have reclaimed. The meditations invited experiential connection to Sankofa and we moved through recognition, remembering, return, reclamation, and renewal.  


Our 3-week Fruits of the Harvest series invited deep inquiry into what was planted and what was grown in the garden of your soul during 2022. A central focus was on what came into fruition from the intentions that were set? We reflected on what promotes and what interferes with growth, change, and manifesting our intentions. We also explored ways that we can tend to our soul garden and the seeds we will sow in 2023. ​​


Manifestation Mondays was our first community meditation series. For 7 weeks in Nov-Dec 2021 and 3 weeks in June 2022, we engaged in Dr. Shelly Harrell's Àṣẹ Meditation practice, a guided communal practice to facilitate manifestation of soul intention. The focus of the practice is on Activating Soul Energy-- name it and claim it so that you can attain it.  It is about tapping into the power of visualizing and setting intentions to manifest what you want to create in your life. 

Àṣẹ (pronounced Ah-Shay) is a West African, Yoruba-origin concept that refers to the vital life energy that activates the power of manifestation. Similar concepts exist in cultures and spiritual traditions around the world (e.g., Sekhem, Ka, Qi, Ki, Prana, Mana, Wakan, Teotl, Orenda, Holy Spirit, Ruach). Àṣẹ is often said aloud to affirm "so it is" or "make it so".  

(February 2022)

We celebrated Black History Month in 2022 by hosting a FREE "Soul Session" - an embodied music meditation to immerse in the healing wisdom of Black music. The Soul Sessions meditation practice centers the healing, wisdom, and liberation embedded in music that is rooted in the rhythms and energy of the African diaspora. This includes classic soul/R&B, neo-soul, jazz, Black spirituals, gospel, funk, conscious rap, hip-hop, reggae, Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, African drumming, and more. In African cultural traditions (as well as in many other indigenous cultures), music and dance are inseparable from healing. The intention of the Soul Sessions practice is to create sacred space for embodied presence and soul connection with the music, and to facilitate a meditative opening to hear and feel into the music's emergent messages for your life. 



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