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Wisdom is a grounding and transformative resource for healing and resilience. Join our featured monthly program to help you "rise up rooted". Get rooted in the wisdom of the African diaspora so that you can rise up into your healing, your power, your liberation.

An Invitation from Dr. Shelly Harrell


I would like to invite you to join me on a journey of healing wisdom.


I am passionate about wisdom and the healing potential it contains. Wisdom can ground and root us amidst the storms and challenges of life. A Year of Wisdom and Healing started off as a personal initiative to reconnect to healing ground in 2021. This course reflects its evolution.

With a foundation in my "soulfulness" orientation, I have developed this program which includes a 3-part Rising Up Rooted process to support deepening our wisdom in the service of healing and liberation. The program is centered in the exploration of cultural expressions of Black wisdom. 

Each monthly course is organized around a theme such as Rooted Liberation, Creative Excellence, and Transformative Change. A set of Rising Up Rooted practices will be provided each week to plant, cultivate, and grow our "wisdom seeds" so that they bear fruit in our lives. I offer a weekly adinkra symbol to center us in different ways of exploring the wisdom theme, along with various cultural expressions of Black wisdom (quotes, songs, poetry, artwork, performances, etc.).


A Year of Wisdom and Healing can support you to deepen your inner wisdom, strengthen your connection to collective wisdom, and practice living the wisdom so that it shows up in your life in meaningful ways. 

Wisdom is healing and I welcome you to join the journey.

Soulfully Yours, 

Dr. Shelly Harrell


*12 courses with a unique wisdom theme for each month of the year (themes include

   "Rooted Liberation", "Creative Excellence", "Transformative Change" and 9 more!)

*A featured monthly meditation or breath practice

*The "Rising Up Rooted" 3-part process and weekly practices

*A weekly adinkra (African wisdom) symbol

*Weekly expressions of Black wisdom (quotes, songs, artwork, etc.)

*Curated music playlists for each monthly theme

*A monthly adinkra poem and additional related adinkra symbols

*(2021 Subscription only) A monthly live Wisdom Circle online with Dr. Shelly Harrell

*(2021 Subscription only) Our private WhatsApp group

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