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Liberate your inner aliveness and access the reservoir of healing resources within. Learn and practice the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation with an emphasis on soulful experiencing.




A Soulful Introduction to Mindfulness

Saturdays, 8:15am - 9:30am (US Pacific Daylight Time)
May 13th - June 24th (no class on June 3rd)

6 sessions, online via Zoom

EARLY BIRD RATE: $150 May 2nd-May 10th (plus $25 Subscriber Discount)

Subscribers email to request your personal code

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Our 6-session flagship mindfulness class. All sessions will be hosted live on Zoom and facilitated by Dr. Shelly Harrell.

This is not your generic mindfulness class! Learn (or relearn) core mindfulness practices from a decolonizing perspective that offers mindfulness as a path to mental and emotional liberation, as well as a foundation for collective liberation from oppression-related stress and trauma. Particular attention is given to the relevance of mindfulness for BIPOC wellness and mental health. The teachings are informed by the Vipassana insight meditation tradition, with an emphasis on soulful experiencing, and infused with cultural expressions from the African diaspora and diverse cultural contexts. 


Dr. Shelly Harrell created this unique course in 2020 to provide a resource for healing and connection within the context of the profound loss and change brought on by the COVID-19 and ongoing racism pandemics. In 2023, we’re continuing to grieve, heal, and free ourselves from the grasp of these pandemics and the many ways that stress hijacks our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. 


Practicing mindfulness regularly can help us be more present in our lives-- more present in our bodies, more present relationally and spiritually. Mindfulness-based practices give us strategies for experiencing more inner peace and balance, allowing us to hear the voice of our inner wisdom and contact the truth of our interconnectedness. It is a powerful ground to support the expression of our highest selves, align with our deepest values, and manifest our highest aspirations and purpose, both personally and collectively. Bottom line is that mindfulness can help us GET FREE!

  • Six 75-minute live Zoom class sessions with Dr. Shelly Harrell

  • UPDATED course for 2023! Informed by Dr. Shelly's sabbatical travels and experiences in Ghana, Senegal, Cuba, and Costa Rica, as well as by retreats she did and other immersions. Incorporates her emergent integrative approach to healing, wellness, and mental health- Sankofa Theory and Practice!

  • Session handouts and slides available for download

  • Music, poetry, and powerful quotes integrated throughout the course

  • Access to course recordings for those who enroll


Week #1: The Inner River
(Intro to Mindfulness and Soulfulness)

Week #2: Its All About Love
(Mindfulness of Love and Liberation)

Week #3: Focus and Flow
(Mindfulness of Breath and Body)

Week #4: Free Your Mind
(Mindfulness of Thoughts)

Week #5: Feel It to Heal It
(Mindfulness of Emotion) 

Week #6: And Still I Rise
(Mindfulness of Life)

Scholarships available. Contact us at


I’ve got peace like a river in my soul, I've got a river in my soul.

~African American Spiritual



"Dr. Harrell taps into all aspects of mindfulness to find what works for me.  She brought out my energy by finding my center."

- Oliver

"It was extremely practical and clarified things that I originally had a basic understanding of in a way that allowed me to dig deeper into my sense of self and personal practice."

-Shanique C.

Thorough instruction, application, and experience! Enlightening and healing. Life changing!

-Robin S.

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