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For [Month] 2021 we invite you to take part in this month's course on [Month's Theme, e.g., Healing Wisdom]. Join us as we engage in focused study of Adinkra – ancient symbols of the Akan people and get rooted in their cultural and spiritual wisdom.

Each month's course will consist of:

  • A weekly guided meditation exploring the Adinkra of the Week (4) and Dr. Shelly's Rising Up Rooted practice

  • Weekly homework and reflection prompts 
  • A group session [should this be a kick off] with Dr. Shelly & other participants (over Zoom)

  • A mindfulness/somatic technique to practice throughout the month

  • Additional cultural expressions of the African Diaspora to explore

  • _____________

[Something here about how you can sign up for each month or join for the year. Express what outcomes the participant can expect from engaging in this practice in the long-term.]


Let’s make 2021 a YEAR OF

Welcome to the Soulfulness Center, a space for personal and collective healing led by Dr. Shelly Harrell. We invite you to join us in a Year of Wisdom and Healing through our ongoing program exploring deep cultural and spiritual wisdom of the African diaspora.


The Soulfulness Center is launching with the Year of Wisdom and Healing (YWH). 2020 was a year like no other and we need to dedicate focused energy to personal and collective healing. That healing must emerge from a ground of deep cultural, spiritual, and experiential wisdom.

This year, the Center will focus on helping people listen to the wisdom that comes from cultural, spiritual, and experiential truths and that is compelled into expression in how we live.


Each month during 2021, we will focus on a Wisdom and Healing theme and its cultural expressions from proverbs, symbols, art, music, poetry of the African Diaspora. We do this in honor of Black lives lost to the violence of racism and intersectional oppression, and in celebration of the cultural gifts and brilliance of Black people throughout the world.


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